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My Background

My love for taking photos came after I had my Son & then he had his 4 sons. I could not take enough pictures of them. I love capturing almost anything I can, especially the goofy ones when they were all little. From that point on my Love for photography grew to where I am today.  I believe that a picture holds the past & is the best reminder of a certain point in Time.  It brings back those wonderful Memories.  When we have our 1st child , we want all the photos we can get , when we get married , more photos.  Nothing can replace a picture of a special time.  That is why I believe we have to " Capture the Moments !! " 

Love in the Park

Photography Reaches People

Photography for me is not only a Love of mine & a true Passion, but I find it's a way of reaching out & meeting new people who soon become a friend.  Photographing a newborn within the 1st few days of their life is Amazing !  Taking pictures of a couple showing their Love with everyone. Finding the perfect spot to capture those sweet family photos , helping a senior get the best pictures they can get for their last year of high school.  These are the things I look forward to & helps me to meet new 'friends' .  I'm Thankful for all of my new friends. 

Pat & Bill Stanton

Photography Creates Memories

What I tell everyone that inquires about a family photo shoot,  High School Senior, Newborn, etc.  Yes, we're taking photos for you, but it's so much more than that, we're ' Creating Memories ' that will last a Lifetime.  

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