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High-Quality, Professional Photography

High-Quality, Professional Photography

Madi Griffin Senior Photo 

Madi Griffin Senior Photo 

About Us

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My Background

I've loved taking pictures since I was very young. And I'm inspired by the love of people, family & friends.  My main Love of photography comes from my desire to capture memories. We make memories everyday, why not capture them. 

Photography Reaches People

Photography for me is not only a Love of mine & a true Passion, but I find it's a way of reaching out & meeting new &  Interesting People.  Photographing a newborn within the 1st few days of their life is Amazing ! Jan Butler Photography  in Winder 

Beverly Family

Photography Creates Memories

What I tell everyone that inquires about a family photo shoot,  High School Senior, Newborn, etc.  Yes, we're taking photos for you, but it's so much more than that, we're ' Creating Memories ' that will last a Lifetime.  

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